Pursue Stoner, Lorenzo Yamaha Engine Change

Jorge Lorenzo gain additional strength in an attempt to catch up 32 points from the MotoGP championship leader Casey Stoner. Lorenzo will be supported by a new engine Yamaha YZR-M1 in the United States GP at Indianapolis Circuit, August 28, 2011.

Last MotoGP world champion has tested his new machine was at Circuit Brno, Czech Republic, earlier this week. Lorenzo able to record a best lap one minute 56.727 seconds. The new engine is the Spaniard has more acceleration and speed.

"Maybe this machine is only slightly different than before. But clearly, we will use it in Indy. This machine is a little faster," said Lorenzo modestly to Motorcyclenews. "But, always nice mendaptkan something new."

Yamaha's camp also is trying to confirm the fairing, electronic and new chassis in Brno. Japanese manufacturers are making great efforts to maintain the title of world champion.

Lorenzo's teammate, Ben Spies also conducts engine tests was 800. Texas racer will also use a new engine in the Grand Prix to be held in that country.

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